Life is a long journey, often filled with surprises at every turn

I have fortunately been blessed with the opportunity to enter the Real Estate Industry. Graduating from Herriot-Watt University of Edinburgh in Civil Engineering with Honours, the degree built a solid foundation which primed me to succeed and thrive in this competitive industry.

I went into the Project Sales sector as my passion lay in interaction and service to my clients. My attention to detail as well as passion for service often pays off well when clients express their gratitude for my services and constantly return to seek my help.

In the past twelve years in a Multi-National Company in the Paint Industry, I was provided with many opportunities from Sales roles and later, a rare opportunity to take up a Marketing role to spearhead a brand new Customer Segment from scratch. Starting with minimal resources, I have grown the customer base from zero to two thousand Interior Designers. While these tasks were challenging as I did not possess Marketing expertise and background, they allowed me to build up my skills in these areas and develop them through on-the-job training.

These experiences were also applicable in Real Estate as it allowed me to better analyse market trends, opportunities and threats in order to minimise financial risks and pitfalls. I was also able to better understand customer perspectives and needs through these experiences. 

The past six years in the Real Estate Industry has given me an abundance of opportunities to realise my own potential as well as harness my experience to aid those around me. These include family members who seek my expertise in decision making as well as clients to achieve their financial goals to be able to provide better lives for their family by starting early retirement planning through real estate. I truly believe that in helping others, I will improve upon my own skillsets as well. 

As such, I have always taken up new challenges in different fields to diversify my skills. On top of this, I also strongly believe in grooming the next generation of elites in this industry. I believe that everyone should give back to the community to the best of their abilities. This allows the community to reap the benefits of the seeds that we have sown through passing down of knowledge from one generation to the next.

I am hence proud to announce the birth of Athena Division. Athena Division is led by a team of elites in the industry searching for Real Estate Salespersons sharing the same vision and values as us. In this venture, we hope to pass on the knowledge that we have acquired over the years in this industry.

Athena Division stands by and believes in three important pillars in the service of their clients: Integrity, Knowledge and Protecting Clients’ Interests.

Integrity is the most important value that has always been the backbone of our business. We believe in planning for the future using factual data and analysis to prevent short-changing our clients as we value our customers like our own families.

Knowledge – All elites must possess adequate knowledge to better value add and advise their client in the property market. They should be up to date on the marketing trends to validate their risk assessments for the benefit of the clients. 

Protecting Clients’ Interest – We believe in having a robust system and network in place in order to ensure that the process of property search, research in prices are analysed and presented to clients. Other value added services like researching future plans for land use will allow clients to have visibility for future property plans.

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