To be successful in real estate, you must consistently put your clients' best interests first. I believe that a great property transaction,
comes from a great client experience.

"A great property transaction comes from a great client experience."
- Wendeline Goh

Client testimonial

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She is not an agent, she has this special human touch and very caring. she steps out of her comfort zone, gives us many different perspective of the property market and at the same time she also ask us about our well being which is very rare for agents nowadays. I feel like she is really like an elder sister to us. She really takes care of us out of her profession. She help us as a young couple to nail down to our first property which is a very important step to us and she helped us to counter that, improve our chances of getting a better property. And also I feel really daunting as a very young .

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Wendeline was readily available and very proactive. She was very helpful in terms of taking into account of our needs , requirements and very proactive in getting things done. When there were many decisions to be made, she gave us many good advices, so that was the reason why we got closer and we trusted her more and more. She goes beyond her call of duty. She doesn’t just act as an agent to gets you a tenant or just get you to buy a house but she is there even afterwards to help you out. If somebody needed help with similar needs, I would unhesitatingly recommend her all the.

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I chose Wendeline because I felt her sincerity. I am very thankful to Wendeline as she really gives very good advise and ways to buy and how to finance it. This is our 3rd property and she helps me to make money from it. She was so good and we trust her so much that we highly recommend to our family and friends. My parents house and her parents shophouse all sold, bought and rented out all by her. It’s not just us now, it’s really like spreading to even our friends who just bought property through her and all of them make money. We highly recommend Wen to all our friends out there.

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She is very good and has a lovable smile. She has this closeness bond that she makes you feel and when I meet her, I immediately like her. She is very efficient and fast in her service, I am very pleased with her service. I treat her as like my friend and yet also like a daughter (cos I don’t have a daughter) So I said her work efficiency is really good because she has a sense of responsibility.

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She came up with few options that we can look out for in buying a property. She doesn’t go straight into persuading us to buy a condo. We don’t want a sales person to be pushy, so she is not that type who is pushy and she really tries to understand what we want. She’s friendly and very passionate about her work and that’s the most important thing especially buying a property that worth millions of dollars.

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